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    AKTIVX SPORTS has today announced a partnership with Amazon, the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States, to bring their unique elastic replacement shoelaces to 244 million active buyers. AKTIVX SPORTS Laces convert any shoe into a slip-on, eliminating the wearer’s need to ever again tie their shoes.

    Combining high tech with low maintenance, AKTIVX SPORTS Laces provide firm, yet flexible, stretch-fit comfort. They feature a lock that is fast and simple to adjust, with a unique clip to protect lace ends. AKTIVX SPORTS Laces allow shoes to slip on and off easily, eliminating the need to constantly tie and untie, while the locking mechanism allows for instant tension adjustments.

    Like bungee cords, AKTIVX SPORTS Laces are made with multi-banded strands of elastic, that won’t break or dry rot. They provide greater flexibility with a tighter, more comfortable fit than cotton or nylon laces. The fastening system improves safety by eliminating the risk of tripping on untied laces.

    AKTIVX SPORTS Laces allow young children to avoid the stress of tying their shoes, while freeing parents from the task of shoelace-tying instruction and service. Children quickly outgrow velcro sneakers, and older kids want a greater variety of styles, making it a challenge to find appropriate footwear. AKTIVX SPORTS Laces allow children the flexibility to wear any lace-up shoe.

    For all children, learning to tie shoelaces can be a challenge, but for special needs children it can prove particularly difficult. AKTIVX SPORTS Laces allow children with autism, who often have fine motor control issues in their hands, to securely fasten their own shoes.

    As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to bend down long enough to tie up traditional laces. AKTIVX SPORTS Laces allow senior citizens, who may have lost strength and mobility in their hands and joints, to fasten their shoes securely. Since senior citizens can confidently fasten their shoes without assistance, their dependence on caretakers is reduced, enabling them to retain their independence much longer, and improving their quality of life.

    AKTIVX SPORTS Laces meet the demands of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, optimizing performance during competition and training. For casual runners, advanced runners, and triathletes, regular laces just don’t compare. The sustained compression across the foot increases the amount of oxygen available to muscles to help manage fatigue. With each stride, elastic allows the laces to expand and contract, constantly adjusting to each foot strike. This makes for a much more comfortable run - it’s like running in a new pair of shoes every time.

    AKTIVX SPORTS Laces allow triathlon participants to maximize transition speeds. Tying shoes when transitioning from bike to run during a triathlon is extremely inefficient. Participants needn’t waste 30 seconds tying their shoes, when they could slip their feet into their running shoes and be ready to go instantly.

    AKTIVX SPORTS Laces are available in a wide variety of colors including: Black, White, Hot Pink, Neon Green, Royal Blue, Red, Navy Blue, Neon Orange, Sour Apple, Cool Gray, and Purple.